Geo-Heating Not Working Again - Air Temperature Difference by 6-7 Degrees

From: The Residents
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 8:55 AM
To: Air-ease Heating & Cooling <info@air-ease·com>
Subject: Geo (first floor) not warm up enough - service schedule


We have a problem with the geo system. The first floor does not warm up enough - the unit works and does not have any error messages, but the air temperature is 6-7 degrees lower than temperature set on the thermostats. When the unit is resting - it produces constant buzzing noise. When the unit pumps water, the buzzing sort of goes away.

Please let us know what your prorated fees are for repairs that might/should be covered under the warranty (if something under warranty has failed). And we could schedule appointment to come to diagnose/repair.


The Residents

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