Never-Ending Repairs - Failed Air-Ease System, "Cannot Be Fixed" by Bob

From: The Residents
Sent: Friday, November 14, 2014 10:02 AM
To: Air-ease Heating & Cooling <info@air-ease·com>

To: Air-Ease Heating & Cooling

Bob just came by by himself and told us he cannot fix it because he needed help.

Why did he come by himself if he new what the problem was? We waited for a week for the appointment. How many times did you plan to charge for the labor fees on this repair?

I asked "what the hell was wrong with people", which apparently upset him and he left without fixing the problem. He said we just lost a "good guy." Our dealings with Air-Ease were a nightmare from the beginning, so I don't know in what world Bob lives, but his system has made our world a living hell with the lack of professionalism and unending repairs of a brand new heating/cooling system.

We would like to get the money for maintenance back in this case - the spring maintenance won't be performed we understand. Also, the winter maintenance for the system was made at the end of September; we therefore assume that freezing line issues are the failure in the Fall maintenance procedures.

The machine is on warranty; if it is not repaired we will file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and the installer.

Please let us know how you like to proceed.

Thank you.