Water Furnace High Pressure Warning - E2 Error

From: The Residents
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:36 AM
To: Air-ease Heating & Cooling <info@air-ease·com>
Subject: WaterFurnce Envision - high pressure (error E2) - reseted

Hello Denise / Bob,

The upper blue unit responsible for 2nd floor AC (WaterFurnace Envision) is blinking red light for High Pressure. Yesterday we noticed red screen on the temperature panel on the 2nd floor (the error name was: E2), but now it's back to blue (maybe because we set temperature to 89 and it's not turning on now). Still, the High Pressure light continues blinking on the unit.

Is there a way for us to alleviate the pressure issue, or it calls for a visit?

Thank you.

The Residents


We turned it off as suggested for 10 minutes and after turning on the red blinking light stopped for a couple of hours, but after that it started blinking again.. So it's blinking now..

Btw. it's almost September, so maybe it's best to do the winter maintenance together with fixing this issue. Unless it's too early.